About Us

The Central Chemical Stores are a non-academic service unit responsible to the Head of Purchasing & Administration Division and advised by the Chairman of the Supervising Committee for the Activities of the Central Chemical Stores.

The Central Chemical Stores (CCS) stocks a wide variety of chemicals and laboratory articles (approximately 6200 items) which are supplied immediately on request.

Even though the CCS is supplying only stock items, we are able and ready to help our customers by ordering small special items from our regular suppliers when those may be consolidated with our scheduled order.

New items may be included in the permanent stock of the CCS when at least 5 customers from different departments require them. Such requests should be sent to the head of the Central Chemical Stores, including a forecast for the approximate quantities needed.

Orders should be sent via SAP\SRM and taken personally to the stores for over-the-counter service.

The CCS is open for service five days a week from 08.00 to 10.00 a.m and again from 13.00 to 14.30 p.m

There are 2 deliveries, twice a week: on Tuesdays and Thursdays directly to the faculties – to a person responsible on behalf of the faculties.

When placing an order please take care and observe the following guidelines:

  • Use the catalogue of the CCS, in the SAP\SRM, and fill in the new Catalogue Number, this will generate the name of the item needed.
  • Include your account.
  • Include your name and phone number for possible clarifications


When ordering chemicals:
Please note: When ordering chemicals you are requested to agree to the hazardous statement and automatically signing an end-user statement having responsibility for the chemicals ordered (path for the MSDS included).
Prices mentioned in the SAP\SRM system represent the average price of the item after our last purchase. Every new purchase changes the price.